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Why wooden toys?

Children need suitable toys to develop healthy. Good toys support the development of the child in many ways! It gives the child a lot of fun and joy, promotes natural learning, creativity and imagination. Of course, parents want to support their child with the right toy and attach great importance to quality. Therefore, the quality of the selection plays a crucial role. Appealing and suitable toys should therefore be environmentally friendly and stable, and in addition to the pedagogical value, of course, especially the children fun.

Wooden toys have always proven themselves and are now back in fashion, because there are so many good reasons to do so. Wood is a natural raw material and is pleasant to touch, it is durable and robust and leaves room for your own imagination and imagination. Wooden toys can also be easily grabbed and survive unscathed when small children put them in their mouths. Plastic toys, on the other hand, can contain toxic substances, sometimes break easily, and they often leave little room for creativity because they are too perfect to work on and therefore offer little inspiration for one's own ideas or game variations. Wooden toys, on the other hand, invite you to a natural game and are among the classic toys that are welcome in every nursery.

The advantages of wooden toys:


Wooden toys are stable and durable, so minor falls can not cause them any damage. And not only that, often wooden toys can also be repaired without problems. Where we quickly reach our limits with plastic toys and the beloved piece ends up in the trash, a beloved wooden toy is often easily and quickly repaired or re-glued. The toys made of wood are long lasting and even younger siblings have great joy. If the children play "normal" with the wooden toy, it will last forever. Don't you also have old wooden toys from your childhood in the basement or in the attic? Or have you ever been to a flea market? Here you can find quite a lot of old wooden toys in a very good condition. On the other hand, look at the old plastic toy. This often not only looks dirty, but also smells unpleasant.

While plastic is often smooth and structurally unattractive, wood has a very special surface that stimulates the baby's senses - whether it's felt or stuck in the mouth. Not only we adults love the structure of wood, but also our children love them and are inspired. Wood promotes creativity and imagination and often encourages exploration with simple forms.

Wood is a natural resource and grows all over the world. If the companies that make wooden toys follow certain rules, nature will not be harmed. Wood is durable and usually grows without difficulty.

Good wooden toys encourage the child to engage in self-development and to develop their own imagination. The simplicity of the wooden toy does not overwhelm the senses of a child, as in many electronic toys. In addition, there is still great wooden toys that can help the child in its development. Many wooden toys have a great playful learning effect on the kids. This does not feel like learning. Because learning is also fun!
Because wood is also a renewable raw material, the children are slowly led to nature at a young age. In addition, wooden toys are usually educationally valuable because they can improve motor skills and dexterity, responsiveness and ability to concentrate. In particular, it promotes the fine motor skills of children and gives them a feeling for geometric shapes. But also due to the different surfaces, the senses of the little ones are addressed. You can feel the toy wonderful in the mouth and explore. The structure of the natural product wood differs noticeably from plastic products, which even the smallest ones notice. Simple shapes are great for playing and having fun. It does not require funny good-mood music, so that the children are left to their own devices and the toys while playing - without disturbing background noises.

If the wooden toy ever gets dirty, you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth and clean it. Bacteria, unlike plastic, can spread only slowly on wood. Since it has a germicidal effect, natural material plays a major role, especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Another important aspect is the clean, environmentally friendly disposal of wooden toys.

Most wooden toys are completely harmless for children. If the toy is not painted, children can safely put it in their mouths. But if you want colorful wooden toys, you will also find this from well-known brands in the specialist trade. Abrasion and saliva-resistant paints ensure that the toys do not harm the health. Wooden toys for babies, which are produced in Germany, meets high safety and quality standards due to the strict requirements of the "technical monitoring service". So the different paint colors of the baby toys are made on water basis. This ensures that there are no harmful substances in this paint.

Plastic toys often come in flashy designs and with loud tones, so parents are quickly annoyed by it. Not so the wooden toy. It is rather simple and usually kept in warm or pastel shades, so it is still nice to look at after years. Boring it is in spite of the no frills execution by no means. Rather, emphasis is placed on the important details for example functionality and handling.
Who of us does not remember the wooden building blocks of our childhood or the real wood dollhouse, which grandfather built himself in days' effort? We associate many memories with wood and our children will remember later their wooden toys, which is not only beautiful, but also timeless.